Google Helps YUDU Launch SmartADS

YUDU Media has launched SmartADS, a digital advertising solution for publishers looking to monetize their online magazines and ebooks. Created with the assistance of Google and DoubleClick, SmartADS is the first solution in the world to enable automated ad streaming into digital editions (online page-turning magazines) using flash in flash technology and full integration with ad serving engines.

SmartADS therefore offers publishers the ability to generate additional revenue without the need for a dedicated sales team by using third party ad networks.

The streamed ads can be static, flash or even video based. There is also an option to include SmartWORDS, which activates in-text advertising throughout a digital edition.

One of the biggest advantages for publishers is the ability to include extensive advertising without the need for any page re-design or interference with the publication's content. Flexible methods of insertion include pre-roll, transparent tabs, auto playing on a page, scroll over etc.

The combined result is an advertising solution for digital editions allowing publishers to monetize digital publishing and generate additional revenue for minimum effort.

SmartADS was developed with the help of Google and DoubleClick who advised on ad streaming criteria whilst also assisting with the technological platform needed for SmartADS development.

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