SAG Replaces mySAP CRM with Web-based Sales Portal

United Planet announces that SAG GmbH has used the Intrexx portal software to create the SAG-Vertriebs-Portal (SVP). Implemented by Intrexx business partner, QuinScape GmbH, it replaces the company's previous CRM system, mySAP CRM, with a web-based Enterprise Portal, that enables the organisation to manage customer relations in a more flexible and comprehensive way.

The decision to develop the SVP based on the Intrexx platform followed an exhaustive review of the leading CRM software vendors which were unable to fulfil all of SAG's requirements. The company wanted a CRM solution that could provide a clear overview of all customer information and map the entire life cycle of a quotation within their system. The solution also had to be able to interface with its SAP ERP system, allowing customer data to be exchanged between the two systems and avoiding duplicate management of data.

All relevant customer data was quickly and easily integrated from mySAP CRM into the new sales portal. Now all of SAG's sales and distribution employees based at SAG's 80 locations across Germany have access to the same customer database. This company-wide integration allows for the standardisation of important business processes, closing any gaps in the internal process chain.

The Intrexx Business Adapter for SAP ensures that access to customer data is achieved without having to switch from one software platform to another. Data is much easier to find than before and is very clearly displayed. Customer-related business opportunities, activities, and planned marketing campaigns are stored in the Enterprise Portal and linked with workflows. The SVP also provides comprehensive information about how particular quotations were generated as well as why and to whom possible deals were lost. Creating evaluations has also been simplified, enabling all SVP overview pages to be saved in PDF format or exported to Excel. The flexibility of the software facilitates a fast reaction to new system requirements and encourages feedback from employees about areas for improvement.

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