Students and Staff at Derby College Benefit from Super Fast Broadband and Communications Network

Students and staff at Derby College are now experiencing the benefits of owning their own dark fibre network thanks to a recent network installation by H2O Networks.

Keen to link its sites around Derby and its new campus with a high-speed communications infrastructure, the Derby College decided to opt for a dark fibre network that would significantly increase its bandwidth and give it years of growth at no extra cost.

The college chose a dark fibre network from H2O Networks as it allows for significantly more data to be transmitted over greater distances than traditional copper networks and for information to be shared between multiple sites in an instant, at a lower more predictable cost than that of the traditional carriers.

The college now has unlimited bandwidth that will support the college and its requirements for the next five to ten years. As a result of the network, the college has also been able to centralise the majority of its servers at the new campus, making management of its servers easier. It also offers the college increased reliability and business continuity in the event of a disaster ot failure.

In addition to Derby College, Haydock-based, H2O Networks' customers in the education sector include University of Aberdeen, Napier University, University of Bath and University of Essex.

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