IGEL's Linux Universal Desktop Supports Touch Screen Monitors

IGEL Technology has introduced its new Linux Universal Desktop firmware adding support for new hardware, additional user customization options, and enhanced multimedia and virtualization functionality to its wide range of Linux-based thin clients.

IGEL's Linux firmware now supports popular touchscreen monitors, including the LG L1730SF Monitor and the ELO 1915L LCD Desktop Touchmonitor. The convenient and easy-to-operate touchscreens paired with a reliable and secure IGEL Universal Desktop is the perfect combination for work environments, such as hotels, healthcare facilities, retail locations and manufacturing floors. Finally, the new firmware includes integration of Philips SpeechMike drivers, allowing users access to the latest high-end dictation technology and services from Philips.

With this new release, IGEL has made it easier for users to customize its range of five Linux thin clients. The new firmware includes the option for users to customize their desktop wallpaper, giving them a more traditional PC experience. The company has also added Dutch language support, allowing a broader set of international customers to work in their native tongue.

The new version also improves the multimedia and virtualization capabilities with support for Fabulatech USB redirection for RDP sessions and a Leostream Connection Broker client.

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