Logic3s ScreenBeat Pumps Up the PC Volume

Logic3 has added the ScreenBeat USB an easy to use stylish cylinder shaped metal speaker to its range of iPod, MP3, PC, gadget and games accessories.

Designed specifically for use with laptops and netbooks, the ScreenBeat speaker is made of tough but lightweight aluminium, and its USB connection doubles up as the power supply and in-built sound card. The ScreenBeat is fully compatible with all Mac, PC and Linux-based computers.

In its compact 8" tube, the ScreenBeat packs a surprisingly powerful punch delivering three watts of remarkably clear stereo sound.

The sleek design of the ScreenBeat speaker makes it perfect companion for business or pleasure. Whether it is watching YouTube, BBC iPlayer or DVDs, playing music to friends, chatting on Skype, or adding sharp sound to that all important business presentation the ScreenBeat is equally at home in the bedroom or the boardroom.

Easy to store and highly portable, every ScreenBeat speaker comes in a compact protective case so that it can be safely stored when not in use or during transit.

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