Cyber-Duck Pioneers the Virtual Gifting Bonanza

Cyber-Duck is launching a new virtual gift website that is created for its client BoonSpace - With today's globalised world causing millions of people to live far away from their loved ones, virtual gifts have been heralded as the next big Internet revenue generator, with forecasts totalling $5.5 billion in global revenue during 2009.

BoonSpace is a new way to send and receive gifts and emotional messages; it allows anyone to send a present when it's impossible to be present. It's simple, easy, can be done online and as the gifts are virtual there are no carbon emissions in transporting them around the world. While online retailers and gift websites abound, they are impersonal and require the sender to know the recipient's address; a challenge if the recipient is travelling or you want to surprise a friend.

BoonSpace brings the personal experience to the Internet by uniquely combining a wide array of functionalities from across multiple disciplines. The gift sender can easily create a personal multimedia message, including e-card, photo, video, webcam uploads and voice message. Then they select the ideal virtual present including a customised animated gift box and finally choose whether to send a virtual gift only or attach an amount of money so the recipient can transform their virtual gift into the real thing by redeeming the gift money via PayPal. Users can even add friends and manage a calendar of important dates to remember.

BoonSpace was founded by Nick Janus and Rich Hallam who met in the Super Yachting industry where, being far from home for extended periods, realised the need for an online gift service that replicates the emotional experience of offline gifts. The positive feedback that the concept received from their business tycoon boss inspired them to approach the venture capital investor that now backs BoonSpace.

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