Sinequa Enterprise Search 7.0 Introduced

Sinequa has announced the availability of Sinequa Enterprise Search 7.0. Sinequa's flagship product was previously known as Sinequa Corporate Search. The name change decision reflects Sinequa's positioning as the intelligent enterprise information access solution.

Facing the information explosion, organizations and employees need the right information access solution to make decisions and collaborate. Sinequa Enterprise Search is a semantic enterprise search solution that allows employees and companies to leverage their enterprise information landscape. New features include advanced text-mining agents, improved relevancy, real-time multi-domain security management, a scalable GRID based Search Bus architecture, rapid deployment and out-of-the-box connectivity to all enterprise information sources and applications.

Sinequa Enterprise Search provides over 70 application connectors to structured information sources (databases, ERP, PLM, CRM, etc.), unstructured information sources (email, File System, CMS, archives, web sites, wikis, etc.) and people related sources (directories, collaborative applications and social networks).

Sinequa enables visionary enterprises to successfully manage the information explosion, providing the best and most secure insight to enterprise knowledge. Sinequa Enterprise Search simplifies the information landscape, merging content from disparate data sources and business applications.

Sinequa Enterprise Search builds semantic links between information within a business context, helping employees make better decisions faster. A packaged enterprise search solution, Sinequa Enterprise Search seamlessly integrates with legacy IT investments, resulting in significant cost savings for large organizations. With Sinequa, all content from any existing business application or source is ready for enterprise search.

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