Launchpad Europe Welcomes EITO Predictions for ICT Recovery

Launchpad Europe, UK based market accelerator, welcomes the favourable predictions from European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) for recovery of the ICT market in the UK in 2010.

Mike Burkitt, Technical Director and co-founder of Launchpad Europe commented: "This is a welcome prediction and reflects much of the conversations we are hearing in the UK marketplace. However, I think we do need to wait and review the first few weeks of January as the real indicator here. Many budgets and projects have been put on hold until the end of 2009 and only if the confidence returns in that early part of the year will we really be able to talk about recovery in 2010."

Burkitt continued: "Many companies from the US and Israel we have engaged with are looking to accelerate their entry into EMEA via the UK in early 2010. So those planning that type of push will be timing it well to leverage the strong channel in the UK and to get pipelines filled in the first half of 2010."

Launchpad Europe's extensive contacts in the system integrator, channel and end user communities ensure that it offers the best possible route to market for early stage entrants in the UK and mainland Europe.

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