Gold Lock Ups the Ante to $250k to Flush Out Hackers and Spies

Gold Lock, a provider of military-grade secure mobile communications devices and data encryption tools, wants more spies, hackers and professional communications eavesdroppers to try to unseat the company's position as a top provider of secure voice and data solutions. To make sure word hits the streets, the company has increased the reward to $250,000 in pure gold.

It was just a month ago that Gold Lock announced its $100k Gold Challenge. The company posted a sample encrypted telephone conversation on its web site and invited anyone to download and decrypt it. The company offered $100,000 in gold, as well as a position at the company, to the first person to send a transcript of the call. And while file downloads have been brisk, the company is turning up the heat.

The company reports well over one thousand downloads since it announced the challenge, but that's not nearly as many downloads as had been expected. By increasing the reward to $250,000, Gold Lock hopes to draw more challengers out of the shadows.

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