IGEL Awarded the Energy Star Eco-label for IGEL one, UD2 and UD3

IGEL Technology announced its thin client devices have been awarded Energy Star 5.0 certification for environmentally friendly computer equipment. The IGEL one and IGEL Universal Desktop 2 and 3 series have been awarded the Energy Star certification for units with the embedded Linux and Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard operating systems.

The Energy Star label confirms that the certified IGEL models use no more than 15W of power in idle mode. In stand-by mode (sleep mode) or when shut off, these units, which can be remotely started over a network connection (wake-on-LAN), must not consume more than 2.7W of power. The entry-level IGEL one model, designed especially for use in SMEs, far exceeds these requirements using only 8.5W at idle.

IGEL is the only thin client provider with a Linux-based solution offering an energy-saving sleep mode. The unique energy-management system on the Linux devices allows IGEL thin clients to be brought into stand-by mode (suspend to RAM) within seconds and then be fully awakened just as fast. This feature not only saves energy, but also increases user convenience by almost completely eliminating annoying, time-wasting boot-ups.

The UD3 units come Energy Star certified as standard. The IGEL one and UD2 devices can be requested with Energy Star certification at no extra charge. These units are then supplied with the latest energy efficient power supply.

The Energy Star label identifies office equipment that has been shown to be particularly energy efficient. Only the top 25% of a given product group are able to meet these stringent performance guidelines, which are reviewed and revised every two years. The current Energy Star Version 5.0 certifies thin clients for the first time, in addition to other devices such as computers, notebooks, monitors, printers, copiers, multifunction units and external power converters.

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