Ontology Systems Announces the Launch of OSS/CAD 2.5

Ontology Systems has announced the launch of OSS/CAD 2.5, a major functionality release of the of the semantic application for aligning data across OSS/BSS estates.

First launched 18 months ago, Ontology Systems' OSS/CAD has been widely adopted by service providers across the globe to dynamically reinterpret existing OSS/BSS data sources (Operational, Business, and Infrastructure) to generate a virtual unified model of the key relationships that define globally important concepts like Customers, Services, and Network Infrastructure. OSS/CAD renders these joined-up concepts in an immediately consumable, visual and electronically exploitable form empowering users to monitor and manage the data quality and alignment of core systems. When applied to key business and IT processes, such as Revenue Assurance, Service Management, Data Alignment and Migration, substantial improvements can be experienced.

Version 2.5 now brings a range of new features and functional advancements including:
- OSS/CAD Modeller 1.0 - Modeller is a completely new component for 2.5. As an intuitive, visual, tightly-integrated workbench for constructing User OntoPacks, it uses a round-trip engineering approach to enable maximum agility in solution development leading to extraordinarily rapid solution implementation and deployment. OSS/CAD Modeller is based on the open industry-standard Eclipse framework for software engineering tools, presenting a familiar environment to implementers.
- New out-of-the-box OntoPacks - Standard OntoPacks from Ontology Systems provide out-of-the-box functionality extending the capabilities of the basic OSS/CAD Starter Pack. These OntoPacks to include functions such as Service Impact Analysis and Knowledge Analytics.
- New Importers - Including Cisco Router Configurations and direct import of complex Excel spreadsheets.
- Free 21-day Trial - A key benefit of OSS/CAD 2.5 is the rapid, low risk delivery process. To meet the demand from CSPs, Ontology now offers a free 21-day trial to CSPs who want gain early benefits from the product without commitments.

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