Tribold 4 Announced

Tribold has announced the latest release of its Enterprise Product Management software solution Tribold 4. As the only fourth generation EPM solution for CSPs, Tribold 4 embraces new features and functionality based on direct feedback from customers across the globe that are using the product to run their businesses.

Tribold 4 brings a rich set of new EPM capabilities in the following five key areas:

B2B Product Management for Enterprise Customers
- Cost Control Enterprise products will no longer be custom-built from the ground-up for each customer, but rather constructed from re-usable assets within the product catalog.
- Manageable Customer Personalization Enterprise customer agreements will no longer require complex spreadsheets to manage, but rather centrally maintained with all the possible permutations and options readily available to tailor accordingly.
- Assembly Line Efficiency Quoting and configuration of Enterprise customers' products will no longer be unpredictable in time and outcome, but rather follow pre-defined fulfillment processes that minimize errors and maximize feasibility of the offerings.

Streamlining the Order to Install Process
- Accurate Offers the First Time Find the right offer for a customer faster, based upon centrally sourced & reliable product serviceability/compatibility rules.
- One-Stop Shopping Provide a single point of product truth to any ordering portal (e.g., web, CSR, IVR, etc) regardless of the product scope.
- Fulfillment Success Supply the key Order-to-Install systems (e.g., Order Capture, Fulfillment, Provisioning/Activation) with the product definition, rule and service relationship data necessary to successfully complete an order.

Lowering the cost of Integration
- Expanded query services layer.
- Published SID formatted model.
- Detailed Tribold SID Mapping toolset.

End-to-End Product Life Cycle Management
- Project tracking to specific Product/Service components.
- Business Case, Design and Promotions tracking for E2E view across the Product Lifecycle.
- Interoperability with enterprise BPM.

Tribold 4 continues to focus on the Business and IT users with UI enhancements
- Thin client support to enable more users across the CSP to collaborate directly with the catalog.
- 1-touch Cross Catalog Search.
- Advanced Query Building tools.
- Pre-built and Customizable Reporting.

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