Trust Introduces the CleanSkin Colour Mouse

You've bought disinfectant gel, drink probiotic yogurts, take vitamins and you even wear a face mask! But surely you haven't gone as far as keeping bacteria off something that always accompanies you in your daily tasks: your peripherals. IT products are what bacteria accumulate on the most, because they are not usually cleaned so regularly and many of them can't be cleaned with conventional cleaning products.

To avoid investing large amounts of money in cleaning products for computers and accessories, Trust has created the CleanSkin Colour Mouse. It's an optical mouse with 4 interchangeable and washable protective covers. Thanks to these covers, your mouse will always be really clean, not just looking clean.

You can make your mouse white, pink, blue or green, so you can change its colour depending on your mood or the decoration of your desktop. When the cover of your CleanSkin gets dirty, just remove it and put another of a different colour on the mouse while you're washing the previous one. You can reuse them many times, because rubber is a highly resilient material.

Presented by Trust.

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