Disruptive Mobile Technology Receives City Backing

ipadio Limited announces that Sussex Research Limited, the family office of Stewart Newton, has made a strategic investment in the company.

Angus Whiteley, who advised Sussex on the investment, commented: "ipadio's ability to deliver searchable audio content direct to the web is disruptive, as evidenced by the rapid take up of the service. We are pleased to help expand ipadio's business to meet the needs of its expanding client base and to help fulfil the team's ambitious plans for the company. ipadio has an exciting future."

Mark Smith, Co-founder and CEO of ipadio commented: "Over the last few months ipadio has gained a loyal following among organisations who want to talk directly to their customers and supporters, from charities increasing their donations to conference organisers broadcasting speaker interviews and politicians broadcasting direct to their constituents. Now, internal communications professionals are using ipadio to engage much more effectively with their employees and team members, providing us with a significant revenue stream. Sussex's investment allows us to focus clearly on developing our offer to the internal communications practitioners."

Since its first live use during a yacht race from the mid-Atlantic in November 2008, ipadio has pioneered the live audio to web market. Its ease of use and responsiveness to users has found favour with organisations and individuals as diverse as government, media companies, sports championships, travel companies, tourist boards, charity campaigners and fundraisers, bloggers and comedians.

Ipadio LIVE! is accessible to any user on any phone to broadcast live to the Internet or company intranets. Ipadio "Record & Publish" (with associated metadata) is available to iPhone and Android users. Ipadio is currently free to the general public to use, dependent on their call package.

Ipadio's paid-for commercial service introduces workflow process (moderation, group access and distribution, save to database), additional in-call functionality (in-call polling, "call push") to meet each company's exact requirement.

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