Avaya Introduces Virtualised Unified Communications Solution

Avaya has announced Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises, a single-server, unified communications solution for businesses as small as 100 employees and scalable up to 2,400 users and 250 locations.

The Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises is one of first in the industry to use standards-based virtualisation technology for real-time communications. Virtualisation - the use of software to allow a single piece of hardware to run multiple applications at the same time - will be the de facto method for Avaya to deploy applications going forward.

Called Avaya Aura System Platform, this real-time virtualisation technology enables unmodified versions of Avaya Communication Manager, Voice Messaging, SIP Enablement Services, Application Enablement Services, Utility Services and Media Services to be deployed on a single server. The Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises uses System Platform with standard, commercial servers certified by Avaya to deliver the security, scalability and resiliency which businesses need for their mission-critical communications.

The benefits of the Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises include:
Up to 75 percent reduction in hardware, power and cooling and maintenance requirements for a low total cost of ownership and a more environmentally friendly approach.
Simplified installation and ongoing management with integrated services for administrators, powerful wizards and self-use administration enable the entire solution to be remotely deployed in 1-2 hours.
High resiliency with built in remote monitoring, no single point of failure and an optional backup server for redundancy.

Customers can also easily add Avaya Contact Center Express (CCE), a multi-channel contact centre solution for mid-size enterprises to deliver sophisticated customer service capabilities using an array of features including a unified desktop display, advanced multimedia tools and integration to CRM software including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CCE common administration tool will soon be enhanced to let companies manage the contact centre-related data and capabilities of Avaya Aura Communication Manager from within CCE.

The Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises comes in both Standard and Enterprise Editions. The Avaya Aura midsize solution for enterprises will be globally available in November.

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