Airplay SDK Now Enables Single-Click Deployment to All Android and iPhone Devices

Ideaworks Labs, creator of the cross-platform Airplay SDK for native mobile application development, announces that Airplay SDK now supports natively-compiled Android applications for all Android devices currently in the market.

Airplay SDK uniquely allows developers to deploy rich connected applications across hundreds of devices by compiling their application once to native CPU instructions, then deploying with a single click to iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW and other platforms.

Developers write a single codebase using standard C++, POSIX and OpenGL ES APIs, irrespective of the underlying operating system or hardware. The Airplay APIs and resource framework make it simple to accommodate varying device form factors such as screen size, touchscreen, keypad and accelerometer. Furthermore, all device-specific firmware issues and idiosyncrasies are handled within the Airplay runtime. Developers can save up to 40% of their initial development cost, and up to 90% of their device porting and testing costs, as well as opening up target devices that were previously considered too cumbersome or expensive to target.

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