Sinequa and ANAIS Sign a Partnership Agreement

Sinequa has announced the signing of a partnership agreement and align their strengths in media and corporate search. This partnership will allow ANAIS to promote the Sinequa Corporate Search Solution in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Romania, while enhancing their search engine skills to better serve their customers in consulting and integration projects.

For Sinequa, the geographical coverage coupled with the media and search engine skills of ANAIS are key elements in this choice of partnership. The synergy is further enhanced by ANAIS' experience in the press and television, its market vision, its technical expertise and willingness to accompany customers in their critical projects, respecting the project management and budget.

ANAIS brings to its customers excellence and flexibility in their projects, based on highly skilled resources and a proven methodology. With its experience, ANAIS also advises clients on business and organizational aspects of their activities, a key factor for successful projects. ANAIS customers include RTL, Monitor Group and eBay.

Sinequa has a portfolio of prestigious and innovative clients in the press, mainly on intranet projects or rich media Web sites. With over 70 connectors out-of-the-box Sinequa's search engine quickly and easily connects to all available information sources, while managing security requirements. With its patented semantic and linguistic technology, Sinequa's solution provides automatic categorization and a high level of relevancy. News leaders and visionaries such as Le Monde, Les Echos, Le Figaro, RFI, France 24, Eurosport and Wikio, have selected Sinequa to enrich the content of their website and increase the loyalty of their readers.

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