DeviceAnywhere Expands Device Integration Technology Portfolio

DeviceAnywhere has announced its plans to enhance its Direct-To-Device technology portfolio to include two software-only integration options. These new options will offer unique benefits for several emerging, as well as existing customer segments and usage scenarios, such as rapid handset certification and handset field testing, pre-load application testing on pre-commercial handset hardware, and Smartphone focused application testing.

DeviceAnywhere has traditionally provided handset integration and remote handset access using a hardware-software approach, called Direct-To-Device, in which electrical connections are made to the various interfaces of handsets. Software is utilized to remotely control these electrical connections, providing full remote access and control of physical devices. Direct-To-Device has redefined the process of mobile application testing for over five years, is a widely standardized technology across the mobile ecosystem, and currently supports more than 3,500 handset models across the globe.

Now, with its new software-only integration approaches, termed Direct-To-Device Smartphone and Direct-To-Device EXPRESS, DeviceAnywhere aims to offer new as well as existing customers additional device integration and remote access options that are purely software- based. These new approaches provide customers the benefit of a lower total cost of ownership of the DeviceAnywhere solution, coupled with faster handset turnaround, lower device replacement cost, and rapid device hardware upgrades. Customers will now have the option to simply "plug-and-play" their own handsets into the DeviceAnywhere solution.

The two new software-only handset integration technologies are described below:
1. Direct-To-Device EXPRESS - This option is the choice for those groups within mobile operators and device manufacturers that are responsible for handset testing and certification, and preload application testing, especially when such testing is to be performed in very short timelines, or on handset hardware that is still under development. Direct-To-Device EXPRESS controls a phone over its native data cable, either via a small-footprint software agent, or through AT commands, and captures outputs from the handset via a video camera and Bluetooth audio capture.

With Direct-To-Device EXPRESS, DeviceAnywhere will offer full support for new handset models in a matter of days, and customers will be able to "plug-and-play" handsets of supported models to their DeviceAnywhere setup in a matter of minutes. This technology reduces the total cost of ownership of the DeviceAnywhere solution for customers, and enables DeviceAnywhere to provide handset integration and remote handset access for the latest devices faster than ever before. Customers on short testing timelines, such as operator handset certification groups, or customers requiring multiple and rapid replacement of handsets, such as handset development and testing groups within operators and handset manufacturers can leverage this cost-effective technology for their testing projects.

2. Direct-To-Device Smartphone This approach supports the growing need for application development, testing, and monitoring on the Smartphone platform and is offered in a SaaS or licensed model. A small-footprint software agent operates on the device that is being tested and can accept commands over the Internet providing pure software based remote handset access and control.

Users can "plug-and-play" their own Smartphone devices from within their own firewalls, and instantaneously start testing across a wide range of handset models. This technology is ideal for companies that are developing and supporting applications (either web-based or downloadable) primarily for Smartphones. This can include:
- Enterprise mobility applications
- Consumer applications targeted at Smartphone platforms (e.g. stock trades, business travel, etc).

Users can also write and execute automated tests on Smartphones connected either locally to their own PC's or to a separate server. This allows users to both send inputs to the device (e.g. key presses) and receive outputs (e.g. video output) on their computer screen, or save as test results. This technology option is currently Generally Available, and supports the following Smartphone platforms: Apple iPhone OS, Android, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Symbian.

With this expansion of its core technology portfolio, DeviceAnywhere now has the unparalleled ability to offer 'hybrids' of the above three integration approaches, marrying the best approach applicable for specific customer needs and business requirements. For example, DeviceAnywhere will also offer a combination of Direct-To-Device EXPRESS (to control most aspects of the device under test), and Direct-To-Device (to control external hardware interfaces like the battery, charger, data cable, etc.).

All DeviceAnywhere products (Test Center, Test Automation, Automation for Smartphones, MonitorAnywhere, and DemoAnywhere ) will continue to work seamlessly across its three underlying handset integration and handset access technologies.

- Direct-To-Device EXPRESS Generally Available in Q4 2009.
- Direct-To-Device Smartphone Generally Available now.
- Direct-To-Device Generally Available now.

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