BusinessSolve Launches Workspace Manager 4

BusinessSolve has announced Workspace Manager 4, the latest version of its advanced multi resource booking system developed specifically for the workplace. Workspace Manager 4 makes finding and booking resources easier than ever and includes new functionality to better manage hospitality and optimise the visitor management process. Easy to configure and quick to deploy, Workspace Manager 4 is available immediately, and can be trialled for free.

With Workspace Manager 4, rooms can easily be booked using either a calendar or graphical floor plan view. Users may locate and book any type of resource, meeting rooms, desks, car park spaces or audio visual equipment. Workspace Manager 4 also benefits users who are unfamiliar with meeting rooms at a particular location, as it enables them to search for rooms or resources meeting their requirements. The system even retains individual user preferences making it easy for a user to book their favourite desk. For occasions when the user needs to book something a little different, the powerful 'Availability' search allows users to specify the type of resources, the duration for which they are required, and any date constraints. Alternatively, the system makes it possible to locate a colleague and book an adjacent desk.

Workspace Manager 4 also allows users to add food and beverages to their resource reservation, or as a separate item for delivery to their desk or private office. The catering menus may even be specified and priced by location in a currency of choice. Specific ordering rules, such as minimum order quantities and lead times, are all configurable by item and or location. Any preparation or clean up time that is required, will automatically be added to the room reservation at the time of booking.

For internal charging, cost centres may be validated and the user advised of all costs at time of booking. Items that are subject to confirmation may be authorised by the Catering Manager prior to confirmation being sent to the requestor. Workspace Manager 4 will inform Catering Service Providers of the user's requirements and will monitor actual delivery time to record any deviation from specified SLAs.

BusinessSolve's solutions are already being used by private and public sector organisations around the globe to help companies save money on real estate costs, maximise workplace assets and offer their employees a healthier work-life balance. Following extensive trials of Workspace Manager in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, the user community has stated that the cost savings in terms of real estate, energy and support services are considerable.

To help prospects realise these benefits within their organisation and to demonstrate its proof of concept, BusinessSolve offers a no-obligation trial of its solutions, which are a fraction of the cost of competitor offerings. To apply for the free trial of Workspace Manager please contact your local BusinessSolve office.

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