EasyVPN Software Frees Information Workers from Their Shackles

Knowledge workers have nothing to lose but their chains. With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Comodo EasyVPN, people working on computer-intensive files are no longer bound to their desks.

Files that demand a lot of computation must be processed on large computers with sufficient memory. Typically, these computers sit on desktops and are too bulky to tote.

With the latest release of Comodo EasyVPN, knowledge workers can leave their desktop computers behind. Bearing only 3-pound netbooks connected to the Internet, they can still use their desktop computers remotely to best advantage even from a hemisphere away.

Scalable EasyVPN software creates a secure tunnel through the Internet, a private "network-within-the-Internet", allowing two or more PCs to communicate without threat of interception. And with its latest release EasyVPN allows users to secure their private networks with Two-Factor Authentication like that used by the banks and the military.

When users set up their EasyVPN network, they can set account privileges and access rights. Depending on security needs, they can designate that users can sign in using a password only, an email certificate only, or a password in combination with an email certificate. Using both a password and a digital certificate is known as Two-Factor Authentication, relying on two forms of identification to prevent hackers from breaking into a network.

Comodo EasyVPN and Comodo email certificates are free for private users.

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