Cirrus Oil of Ghana Chooses AspectETRM

African petroleum supplier Cirrus Oil of Ghana is aiming to become more efficient and better informed with the latest automated energy trade and risk management (ETRM) system from Aspect Enterprise Solutions.

By implementing AspectETRM across its in-house trading team Cirrus will see operational time savings and gain access to more up-to-date market information. In turn this will bring better profitability, better feedback for Cirrus' own customers and allow the company to grow its business still further.

AspectETRM is replacing an earlier system built on Excel and which Cirrus found complex and cumbersome. In contrast, AspectETRM offers easy-to-understand screens and allows a high degree of customisation to suit the exact needs of its users. Being software-as-a-service based means it is also fast to implement and simple to support.

AspectETRM is a unified solution for traders, risk managers, operations staff and back-office personnel that supports a wide range of functions from trade capture, managing positions, viewing exposure and analysing risks through to accounting. It is entirely Web-based so requires no additional hardware beyond existing desktop systems and mobile devices.

It uses On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to enable 'slice and dice' reporting for quick data analysis and can be integrated with the AspectDSC market data platform to stream pricing and analytical information.

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