MindView Now Part of Becta’s Home Access Packages

Becta has awarded a contract to Insight Direct to provide assistive technologies on all its Home Access packages when the scheme goes national later this year. Under the contract, Insight is responsible for installing and managing the distribution of licenses on behalf of software publishers and MatchWare's MindView has been chosen as the leading mind mapping software solution to be included in the Home Access package.

By presenting material graphically, MindView is based on the concept of mind mapping and allows students to brainstorm and visualize their ideas, organize information, and expand on individual topics by making notes and attaching additional information.

Home Access is a government programme managed by Becta. It aims to ensure that more children in state-maintained education in England have access to technology at home to support learning. To ensure that all learners are catered for, regardless of their individual needs, all the packages available under the programme will come pre-loaded with a suite of assistive technology software. This has benefits not only for learners, but for their families too.

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