O-bit Telecom Launches Purple Networx

Voice and data network solutions provider O-bit Telecom has launched Purple Networx, a true end-to-end VoIP solution for SMBs incorporating its own voice and broadband network and dedicated internet access off its network backbone. This will provide SMBs the opportunity to benefit from free or lower cost calls with no capital outlay or infrastructure requirements.

Purple Networx combines all the networking technology of O-bit Telecom to provide users with the benefits of VoIP including: hosted PBX, single user/residential, SIP terminating service, Wi-Fi, mobile integration, hosted or CPE (customer premises equipment) version, voice quality broadband and a choice from thousands of geographic numbers. By combining all of O-bit Telecom's networking technologies Purple Networx can boast that it is the only carrier able to provide all the components of a VoIP solution.

SMBs can benefit from the many features such as lower UK and international call costs, easy to use online interface for administration, free between site calls, free calls to any other Purple Networx businesses as well as being able to keep their own numbers when moving locations.

The Purple Networx IP Switch Network is vendor independent which allows any IP communications device (IP PBX, mobile or softphone) to connect to its network. This allows mobile handsets to seamlessly integrate with the Purple Networx via Wi-Fi allowing mobiles to act as an extention to a desk phone anywhere in the world.

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