TextMagic Email to SMS Gateway Now Reaches 220 Countries

TextMagic has announced the expansion of its premium Email to SMS gateway. The service now offers global SMS coverage, enabling both companies and consumers to send Email to SMS messages in 220 countries. The service, which boasts a 95 percent delivery rate, is available on more than 700 mobile networks, and ideal for texting large groups, sending and receiving SMS alerts, and seamless integration with existing email providers and servers.

"TextMagic's Email to SMS gateway gives companies across the globe a convenient, user-friendly solution to managing their internal and external communications", said Priit Vaikmaa, marketing manager of TextMagic Ltd. "The Email to SMS service provides an effective medium for sending important text messages to contacts based all over the world in seconds."

Since the advent of TextMagic's Email to SMS gateway, companies have used the service to facilitate fast, up-to-the minute communication to help meet consumer needs and demands, and manage day-to-day business operations. The expansion of the Email to SMS service to 220 countries and more than 700 mobile networks now enables users to connect with consumers, employees, contractors and service providers across the globe, and illustrates TextMagic's commitment to business clients who strive to be leaders in the global marketplace.

TextMagic's Email to SMS users can send and receive text messages from a registered email account to an unlimited number of contacts. Email messages sent to are delivered as SMS messages to intended recipients within seconds, no matter where they are in the world. The service supports all languages and is used by government agencies, IT companies, retailers, schools, hospitals, travel and hospitality firms and other companies and organizations across a vast number of industries.

TextMagic's Email to SMS users can send messages from any email software, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, or SMS-enable virtually any application. Delivery status is available by simply logging into and reviewing their TextMagic account.

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