Upic Solutions Selects 2X ApplicationServer Solution

Upic Solutions, an ASP hosting company, has chosen a 2X ApplicationServer solution to meet their remote application publishing needs. In today's hosting environment, ASPs must frequently balance providing maximum functionality to customers and minimizing solution costs. IT professionals at Upic Solutions, a non-profit application service provider (ASP) serving over 30 local United Way organizations, found themselves desiring remote application publishing functionality in servicing their United Way clients across the country.

Upic considered Citrix prices as expensive, compared with the benefits the solution would provide. By choosing a 2X ApplicationServer solution, Upic was able to implement a world-class connection broker solution with a much lighter strain on the company's IT budget, providing United Way organizations with the performance and reliability they need while providing impressive cost savings to devote to other causes.

David Poe serves as Chief Technical Officer at Upic Solutions. As an application service provider, Upic depends upon its ability to consistently meet the hosting performance needs of its clients. A critical component of the company's hosting capabilities concerned the use of its MPLS system, a private hub-and-spoke network used to host Andar, a vertical market software application United Way groups use to fundraise in their respective communities. Links to individual United Way groups were maintained through a proprietary single vendor network utilizing T1 and ADSL connections. Upic was looking for a replacement solution that allowed United Way groups to shop any ISP for the best price while providing a reliable solution capable of remote application publishing, making a terminal services connection broker a natural choice.

Following a market review of terminal services connection brokers, the company chose a 2X solution for its combination of an impressive features list at a price far below other vendor estimates. The company chose to support its United Way clients using 16 terminal servers running a combination of 32 and 64-bit Windows 2003 and 2008 servers, depending upon users' application requirements. Redundancy and scalability is achieved by using 3 VMWare ESX 3.5 virtual machines, using the 2X ApplicationServer Enterprise Edition, integrated with the 2X LoadBalancer. David explains that the platform-independence of his 2X solution allowed it to "fit well within our existing IT setup", creating a network infrastructure well-tailored to the company's needs, providing efficient remote application publishing with little to no downtime for end-users.

Upic's implementation of their 2X ApplicationServer solution has improved company IT processes in two highly visible ways; first, in providing a straightforward connection broker solution with an extremely reasonable cost base, and also in providing an impressive array of features at consistently high reliability levels. He notes that since initial implementation, the company has had virtually no problems with its 2X solution, and that employees have been able to use the 2X ApplicationServer's remote application publishing features with 100% reliability. In every instance, he explains that he is convinced his 2X solution can handle his clients' remote application access at any time, wherever they might need it.

The 2X ApplicationServer tunnels any Windows application or desktop onto remote computers, including Mac and Linux desktops, without the need to install the application or desktop onto each user's machine. This provides significant savings on administration and support.

Application publishing, rather than local installation
Tunneling specific applications rather than a complete desktop
Publish applications to Web interface
Publish Windows applications to Linux and Mac
Multiple monitor support
Automatic redundancy
Publish applications based on username, group membership or IP
Seamless integration with local desktop and taskbar
SSL secure connection to applications
Universal printing
Application license management
Integration with 2X LoadBalancer
Windows 2008 Server 32 / 64 bit support.

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