Community Hub Launched to Celebrate 10 Years of UK Broadband

iBAHN has announced the launch of 10 years of broadband - - an online community hub offering a review of the past decade of broadband evolution, and a look to the future of our connectivity needs.

10 years of broadband has a wealth of factual information, including a timeline of highlights, expert opinion with comment pieces from the hospitality industry's leading connectivity thinkers, and a chance to get involved via the 'have your say' tab, which incorporates a survey and Twitter account, offering a gateway into the ongoing broadband debate on Twitter.

As well as retrospective information and opinion, the hub also includes forward-facing predictions, which include a video by iBAHN's global CEO David Garrison and the opportunity for people to take part in a broadband survey, which asks seven brief but key questions to help build knowledge of how we as a community, are utilising connectivity now, and what will be essential in the future.

The feedback gained through the survey will be invaluable, and the results will be publicised on the 10 years of broadband site. The survey aims to identify current broadband usage, issues over connection speeds, security and the types of content, such as music and video, group conferencing and online TV, that people are accessing.

Graeme Powell, Managing Director EMEA, iBAHN, comments: "At iBAHN we've seen the broadband landscape change radically over the past 10 years, and we felt this was the perfect opportunity to take stock of how the industry has evolved - and where we go from here. 10 years of broadband has been developed to offer a focal point for broadband facts, opinion and predictions. We want the broadband community to get involved and build a conversation around what has been achieved, but also discuss where we must focus our energies to deliver over the next 10 years."

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