Sunbelt Software Delivers Expanded Archive Search Capabilities

Sunbelt Software has announced the availability of Sunbelt Exchange Archiver Version 4.0 (SEA) and Sunbelt File Archiver Version 4.0 (SFA). Administrators are now able to view the management consoles for both email and file archiving tools in one user interface, easing the burden on businesses facing ever stricter legislation regarding the preservation and sourcing of electronic documents.

The updated releases boast powerful search functions, with both Microsoft Enterprise Search and third party search providing support for full-text search capabilities. Improvements have also been made to the reporting statistics, with detailed reports being generated regarding the archival and retrieval of both email and files. SEA enables companies to preserve all electronic messages on a broad range of storage media, easing the pressure on the existing Exchange servers.

SEA delivers cost-effective enterprise-class email archiving on Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) for organisations of all sizes. SEA provides administrators with intelligent features such as: integrated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM); full email continuity and disaster recovery; and Direct Archiving for instant archival of incoming mail.

SFA provides a simple and reliable method for electronic document management and file archiving to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, whilst optimising existing business resources. SFA allows administrators to easily configure rules that will determine what files should be archived and how regularly. This multi-faceted approach to archiving provides businesses with the flexibility required to effectively manage documents.

Both users and administrators can assign metadata tags to documents and messages for easy recovery, or comment on them when additional information related to the archived items are required as part of the historical record. Both items are easily viewed in the unified ArchiveWeb for eDiscovery interface.

Email continuity and disaster recovery

SEA enables full business continuity in the event of a power outage, natural disaster or human error leading to an Exchange server crash, through archiving all incoming and outgoing emails. Saved messages spread across multiple storage deposits can be retrieved quickly by the administrator thus ensuring minimum disruption to the business once the Exchange server is repaired or replaced.

eDiscovery Web interface

Easy-to-use search capabilities in SEA and SFA's ArchiveWeb for eDiscovery interface allows users to search for archived Exchange emails, files and SharePoint documents. The searches are granular and permission-based for users, administrators, and auditors. Additionally, results can be viewed in detailed reports and exported to an internal mailbox or as PST files for portability. New in-line preview of documents and custom organisation capabilities are also now available.

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