Pitney Bowes Business Insight Announces Stratus Connect 2.0

Pitney Bowes Business Insight has unveiled Stratus Connect 2.0, the latest upgrade to the Stratus suite of user-centric products which deliver solutions for end-to-end spatial data management analysis and distribution.

The new features included in Stratus Connect 2.0 extend the capabilities of the definitive location intelligence tool for the provision of live information about the location of services and amenities in any given vicinity:

"Find my nearest"

With unparalleled search capabilities for nearest facilities, access or points of interest on a live map interface, "find my nearest" facilitates self-service for citizens, helping to reduce the burden on call centres. Multiple layers can be set up for 'find nearest' searches and then categorised, for example by transport, health and environment. Search results are shown on a map as clickable markers, and custom markers can be added.

Automated tasks for the administrator

GIS administrators can schedule updates to the gazetteer index on a daily, weekly or custom basis. Critically, several usability improvements reduce the time spent administrating the system and ensure data is live and up-to-date, for vastly improved decision making.

Zero vulnerabilities

Stratus Connect 2.0 is fully secured against malicious attacks with zero vulnerabilities, having undergone industrial strength penetration testing for the web. It also features added support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, with up-to-date browser compatibility.

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