PBBI Unveils MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) has announced the release of MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0, a feature-rich software development kit that supports the development of map-centric and map-enabled applications for the desktop and the web.

Designed for use by Microsoft .NET developers, MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0 satisfies the need for a .NET mapping engine that is both scalable and easy to integrate with existing systems and applications.

MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0 supports industry standard data access systems and protocols such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as supporting Open Geospatial Consortium WMS, WFS and GML capabilities. Applications developed in MapInfo MapXtreme v7.0 allow organisations to visualise and analyse data, enabling them to discover new relationships and trends not apparent when viewing data on spreadsheets and reports. The latest version of the developer tool is released at a time when organisations are increasing their need to incorporate location intelligence into existing business systems and applications in order to drive operational efficiencies.

Key new features include:
Enhanced data provider model enabling developers to access virtually any data source, and provide flexible spatial processing capabilities;
Advanced analytics and spatial capabilities through the provision of grid processing support;
Support for "M" (measurement) values to assist developers to deliver Linear Referencing Systems and similar capabilities;
Enhanced support of spatial databases with full read/write support for Microsoft SQL Server Spatial;
Improved support of international deployments through the MapInfo MapXtreme Localisation Kit, enabling developers to deliver localised applications in any language;
Tile handler API makes it easy to build tile-based mapping applications.

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