Bubble Motion Surpasses One Billion Bubble Calls

Bubble Motion has surpassed one billion calls to the Bubble platform since the company's initial launch. BubbleTalk, the company's flagship product and the original 'voice SMS' service, enables users to send short voice messages to friends and family without calling. Users are using BubbleTalk to convey more emotion and feeling than can be expressed via text messaging. Users also enjoy the ease of use of the 'Send a Bubble' command embedded in their phone's address book, and find that they can convey significantly more information in thirty seconds of speaking than they can in 160 characters of text messaging.

As the BubbleTalk person-to-person messaging service has exploded in popularity, the company has also developed a comprehensive set of complementary messaging applications. These include BubbleCast (a one-to-many audio broadcasting service), BubbleSong (a viral song- and content-dedication service), and BubbleContest (a many-to-one service that leverages the power and creativity of user-generated content). The company is also in the process of rolling out a set of new and exciting additional services to continue to fuel message growth.

The Bubble applications have experienced dramatic usage growth over the past few years, and have been used by over 100 million unique users at carriers such as Airtel, Vodafone, Turkcell and other leading operators throughout the world.

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