New Forest National Park Authority Uses Web Filtering Appliance from Bloxx

Bloxx, the Web content filtering specialist, announces that New Forest National Park Authority is using its Web filtering appliance to safeguard users when surfing the Internet and increase network protection to minimise security risks. Additionally, the reporting capability of the appliance is being used by the Authority to strengthen protection and compliance.

With the help of IT specialists ASL Security, the Authority directly compared Bloxx with their existing managed service Web filtering solution and concluded that Bloxx provided all the flexibility, functionality and capabilities they required to more easily manage Internet access at a price that was very competitive.

Bloxx Tru-View Technology uses internationally patent pending technology to analyse and categorise web pages quicker and more accurately than other web filters which use manual URL classification and keyword scoring alone.

Using advanced intelligent identification and analysis techniques, Tru-View Technology provides instant classification of web content as soon as it is accessed, even if the content has not been seen by anyone before.

Bloxx Tru-View Technology helps organisations proactively manage users' access to web content which might lower productivity, expose the organisation to risk and liability or pose a network security threat.

An estimated 1.5 million + users already benefit from enhanced security and performance with low administration and no cost per user charges. Additional protection is provided via anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing functionality.

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