Cygnia Replaces Online Backup with Virtualised IT Recovery Solution

Cygnia Technologies has chosen Plan B DR's virtualised-based disaster recovery service to protect its systems, reduce business risk and save costs. In the event of an outage, the new service ensures the complete restoration of Cygnia's running systems on Plan B virtual servers within 30 minutes.

The Plan B service replaces Cygnia's online backup solution which only protected its data, not the running systems. A critical factor in Cygnia sourcing a recovery service was that it would take at least a week to rebuild its systems from a backup.

Cygnia employs Plan B DR's snapshotting appliance that plugs into its network and automatically takes copies of its IT systems - without any need for further IT staff assistance or disruption. The image copies are then sent securely to a Plan B DR data centre, where physical to virtual conversion technology ensures that they run on their virtualised servers.

The newly created system images (rescue images) are automatically tested by Plan B DR to guarantee, that they will boot up, without trouble, in the event of a disaster and be available for Cygnia within 30 minutes.

The Plan B DR appliance also keeps past snapshots as a local backup to provide very fast file level recovery - in the event of local data corruption or loss. The Plan B DR local backup feature has the added benefit that as the recovery snapshots are tested every day, Cygnia can be certain that their backup files on the appliance, are complete and uncorrupted.

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