Sipgate Launches Innovative Business Phone Service

sipgate has launched a new "Team Edition" of their US telephony service. The entirely web-based service replaces both phone systems and phone lines, allowing small and mid-size companies to move their corporate phone service to the cloud.

sipgate team provides each employee with online access to their inbox containing phone logs, faxes, recordings and voicemail messages. Collaboration features like forwards, labels and comments allow coworkers to be more productive. It also allows employees to return calls at the click of a button, or sign and send faxes through a WYSIWYG interface on the company letterhead. Most functions such as call forwarding, call recording, and 3-way calling can be activated with a single click on the interface, making features previously hidden in phone systems accessible for employees and, consequently, businesses more productive.

Each employee stays in control over where to answer calls and even have their VoIP, landline and mobile phones ring in parallel; the call is routed through to whichever handset is picked up first. While on a call, it is simple to bridge-in other callers, transfer the call or even record it. Those employees given administrative privileges can add new users, office locations and blocks of phone numbers at the click of a button, with new additions available to use from the moment ordered. The system has been designed to be simple for administrators to set up and maintain, cutting down the time, effort and cost of traditional telephony systems.

sipgate team offers a rich feature set designed to make companies more productive, collaborative and efficient such as:
Quick to deploy, manage and use. With an interface similar to Web-based email, it's simple, fast and intuitive to use. Employees can browse their inbox and outbox for a complete history of voicemail messages, calls, recordings and faxes.
Save time by letting employees manage their telephony preferences. While administrators have preferred access to add new users, office locations and blocks of phone numbers, employees can manage their own preferences without any further help.
Promote team collaboration with CRM-like functionality. Calls can be routed to multiple employees simultaneously such as customer service representatives-and accessed through the Web, where the calls can be tagged and noted with action taken.
Enhanced Web-fax. Faxes can be sent and received online. Using uploaded letterheads and signatures, employees can send official-looking faxes over the Web and sign them with a click.
Announcements. Auto-attendants can replay recordings and direct callers based on keyed-in numbers.
Scalability. There is no limit to the number of phone numbers that can be added to the service. Employees can be added or remove as a business is evolving.

An introductory offer is available to companies with up to one hundred users, and costs from just $2 per user per month and is offered as a one month rolling contract. Team Edition can be set up within minutes and is available as a fully-functional, no-strings-attached, 30-day free trial available at No credit card is required for the trial and there is no need to cancel if companies opt to discontinue using the service.

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