GB Group Signs Three Year Deal with ClickandBuy

GB Group has announced a three year deal with ClickandBuy to offer customers using the online checkout service with greater identity protection.

ClickandBuy, which offers payment processing services to more than 14,000 online merchants across 26 different countries, will now be able to offer their retailers increased security and assurance that the customers they are dealing with are who they say they are and that they are therefore authorised to make the required payment. What this means for the consumer is a significantly reduced risk of someone else being able to make transactions using their card details on sites supported by ClickandBuy.

Last year's GB Trust Index revealed that 17% of consumers believe online retail is the least trustworthy sector mainly due to poor practices in managing and verifying personal identity information. In addition, YouGov research in April 2009, sponsored by ClickandBuy, also revealed that 83% of us think the number of people trying to commit fraud on the Internet is increasing as more people around the world use the Web. Less than half of us are totally confident that our credit card details are secure when entered online.

Before any transaction is authorised, it will be monitored for signs of risk (e.g. card type is known to be widely used by fraudsters) and if there is deemed to be any risk at all to the consumer or merchant a full identity check will be carried out instantly and unobtrusively at the point of sale.

GB Group has a strong history in helping companies manage risk through robust identity management processes. The Chester-based plc already supports nearly 90% of the online gaming market in the verification and authentication of players and their credit or debit cards. It has also been working with mobile phone giant, O2 since 2004 where it has helped reduce churn and third party fraud by over 40%.

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