Toshiba Announces Specification for New Satellite Laptop Range

Toshiba's new Satellite range has been developed to offer personal computing solutions to suit different consumer needs - from the casual, everyday user who demands power and portability at an affordable price, to those looking for a laptop that supports their entertainment and multimedia requirements.

The Satellite range offers the following key features:

- Energy Efficiency - The new Satellite range is Energy Star 5.0 ready and all models feature an Eco Utility tool - a software application, developed by Toshiba, allowing users to easily manage the power saving configuration and compare power consumption when running in eco mode compared to the conventional power plan. The Satellite A500 and U500 even come with a dedicated Eco Utility Button, which gives direct access to the power saving Eco Utility Tool to encourage users to switch to eco mode.

- Multi-Touch Control - Toshiba's new Multi-Touch control pad, available on Satellite A500 and U500 models, allows users greater control over their PCs using just the trackpad. Reducing the reliance on conventional scrolling and hard keys, the Multi-Touch control pad provides the ability to use fingers to pinch, swipe or rotate using the trackpad alone to zoom and scroll, making the new Satellite models the most intuitive yet.

- Stylish Design - The Satellite range offers high-end design combined with durability. The A500 features a unique Toshiba Fusion finish based on In-Mold Rolling (IMR) technology, the U500 has an elegant Luxe Brown finish on the interior and exterior and the sleek and streamlined L500 and L550 models are also based on IMR technology to give them a cool, contemporary finish.

Perfect for users looking for a laptop to suit all their entertainment needs, the Satellite A500 is a multimedia powerhouse that offers top quality sound and vision, with an inbuilt TV-tuner (selected models). Whether users are looking to edit, upload or share photos, video and sound or enjoy watching TV, the Satellite A500 provides a powerful multimedia performance.

Key features:
- With a 16" Toshiba TruBrite display, the Satellite A500 combines a 16:9 aspect ratio with a high definition resolution of 1366x768 - making it the perfect platform on which to enjoy movies and games on the move.
- All models feature high-quality Harman Kardon stereo speakers that provide full-bodied audio and all models offer a Super Multi Dual-Layer DVD drive. Selected models also feature a slot loading DVD drive.
- Powered by the latest Intel or AMD processing technology, the Satellite A500 comes with a high-capacity integrated hard disk drive of up to 500GB, providing generous amounts of space for multimedia content libraries.
- Eco Utility Tool and Multi-Touch Control.
- The Satellite A500 comes with a sleek and elegant external design, featuring a unique Toshiba Fusion finish based on In-Mold Rolling technology. A choice of two designs will be offered, with a premium chrome-trim model also available, in addition to the silver trim variation.

For users always on the move and looking for access to their media wherever they are, weighing just over 2kg the Satellite U500 packs a powerful punch. Featuring many of the benefits of the Satellite A500 model, the U500 combines ultra-portability with high-quality performance.

Key features:
- All models offer an ultra-compact body and a 13.3" WXGA Toshiba TruBrite display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800, providing an excellent platform for the user that typically needs to stay active while on the move.
- Powered by Intel CPUs and ATI Mobility graphics processing technology (on selected models), the Satellite U500 provides excellent all-round performance, making it great for enjoying multimedia content.
- Eco Utility Tool and Multi-Touch Control.
- The Satellite U500 comes in an elegant Luxe Brown finish and as with the Satellite A500, two design variations will be available: a premium, chrome-trimmed model available as an alternative to the silver-trim design.

The dynamic duo of widescreen models - the Satellite L500 and L550 - offer fantastic value to users looking for high quality everyday computing; emailing, social networking and casual gaming as well as accessing, organising and editing data, without compromising on style. Both models combine eye-catching design and all-round functionality in an affordable, mainstream laptop.

Key features:
- The Satellite L500 offers a 15.6" Toshiba TruBrite display that provides a high definition resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, while the L550 features a 17.3" TruBrite display with power-saving LED backlight technology, and a high definition resolution of 1,600 x 900.
- The Satellite L500 and L550 models offer a choice of stylish designs, with each machine based on IMR technology.

Existing Satellite L series models - the L300 and L350 - have been given an exciting new look to offer users high-quality design and enhanced features at an affordable price. Both laptops now feature the unique, ultra-stylish Toshiba Fusion finish with Breeze pattern in Steel Grey on the cover - perfect for users looking to save money without sacrificing style.

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