Pitney Bowes Launches Stratus Connect

Pitney Bowes Business Insight announces the launch of Stratus Connect, part of the Stratus suite of user-centric products which deliver end-to-end spatial data management analysis and distribution. Stratus Connect consists of an intuitive out-of the-box application that enables organisations to quickly deploy next generation interactive web mapping online. In addition, Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web Controls deliver capabilities for back office integration and enterprise mashups.

The Stratus suite of spatial business applications has been specifically designed with end-users in mind, allowing them to provide stylish spatial applications through a browser-based solution and a web services platform. In response to customer demand, a Software as a Service (SaaS) model will also be available at a later date.

As the latest addition to the suite, Stratus Connect is designed for spatial data owners and web developers within organisations who need to share data with citizens, councillors, businesses and wider stakeholders. The flagship location intelligence tool provides live information about the location of services and amenities in any given vicinity, promoting an enhanced and more efficient experience for users.

Key benefits of Stratus Connect include:
Rapid deployment of interactive web mapping and address-based searching
Enrichment of the user experience with a state-of-the-art interface built on best practice usability studies
User-friendly querying of address, street or location via intelligent free text search
Reduction of call centre peakloads and associated costs by enabling a 24/7 user experience
Ease of integration with enterprise, customer-facing systems such as CRM
Full customisation capabilities.

Stratus Connect has been developed in direct response to the need to deliver next generation interactive maps online. Web technology has evolved to enable online mapping to offer more feature rich and compelling applications. As location intelligence solutions move from the single-user to enterprise-wide, Stratus Connect provides Web 2.0 mapping capabilities and rich internet functionality for unprecedented presentation of data in a self service environment.

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