Liverpool Football Club Uses Comodo SSL

The Barclays Premier League football club's insistence on looking after the best interest of fans and patrons extends to their adoption of SSL solutions on their official club website.

"We want to give our fans and visitors the best possible protection", said Michael Crowder, Operations Manager of the club Digital Media department. "We are now using Comodo CA Ltd for our Security Certificates. The SSL solutions they provide adhere to industry standards and are offered at a very competitive rate."

Whether fans want to buy museum tickets or merchandise, or book entry for tours or Soccer Schools they are confident all information transmitted through the site is secure.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates allow computer systems to encrypt information, turning it into unintelligible strings of characters. Only the certificate owner can decipher the information.

When popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, detect encryption, they display a golden padlock.

Such encryption allows e-merchants like Liverpool Football Club's online store to communicate sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords with site visitors without the fear of interception.

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