Paltalk Launches Version 9.8

Paltalk has announced the release of its 9.8 version, which includes a first-of-its-kind volunteer guides feature for new subscribers. The thousands of new users joining Paltalk every day can choose to be paired with experienced, volunteer community members who act as personal guides to help them become accustomed to the video chat community's features and technologies. Other new features included in version 9.8 include updates that make it easier to connect with friends with video chat and participate in the video community.

In addition to guides, version 9.8 also comes with several updated and added features in IM, SuperIM and video chat that make it easier for friends to connect to one another online. New features allow members to:
- Transform IMs into a video chat with up to 10 people using rich video, audio and text for free. Only the initiator has to download the Paltalk software (free) in order for all 10 people to be able to chat.
- Find friends on any IM provider - Paltalk users can chat with friends on Yahoo! Messenger, AOL IM, ICQ and now, MSN Messenger.
- Begin the video fun right away - users can choose to have video launch automatically upon entering a chat room.
- Give feedback within rooms - users will be able to rate the chat rooms they are in to quickly share their feedback and help ensure that the community remains safe.
- Connect easier with real people - Paltalk technology ensures that you are interacting with people, not bots that dominate other communities.

Paltalk currently has four million members and averages 90,000 simultaneous users on any given day. Paltalk can be used by individuals for personal interactions and by companies that need to address audiences in real-time or enliven e-commerce efforts. The combination of Paltalk's vibrant community, patented technologies and subscription-based model has enabled consistent growth since it was founded in 1998.

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