Zmags Upgrades its Zmags Publicator Software-as-a-Service

Zmags has announced an upgrade to its Zmags Publicator software-as-a-service that enables marketers to largely automate conversion of collateral from PDF to interactive format and more easily share digital collateral via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Zmags' Interactive Collateral Management (ICM) solution provides a means to digitise and deliver interactive documents to customers, and then measure reading behavior. A fully self-service solution, Zmags can be used to share any type of collateral online including brochures, catalogs, magazines, direct mail and other business documents to help marketers lower production costs, increase reach and generate more revenue. Zmags can also be linked directly to e-commerce systems to make it easier for readers to make purchases. Zmags customers span multiple verticals retail, manufacturing, travel, healthcare, financial services, agencies and publishers and include companies such as 3M, Chevrolet, IKEA, Microsoft and Volkswagen.

Continuous upgrades to Zmags Publicator add both functionality and convenience for users. New to this latest version:
- Uploading PDF files is now faster and simpler - Zmags has improved the process for uploading PDF files and converting them into Zmags. A new, intuitive interface makes it simpler, and reduces the time it takes to upload one or many PDFs. Now, you can simply enter your website URL and select which PDF files you want to convert. In addition, you can now set multiple PDFs to convert simultaneously
- Share digital editions through popular social networks - Zmags now allows your readers to easily share links to your digital editions through social media sites. Clicking the "share" button now includes the option to share links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and other popular social media sites. A thumbnail image of the current page is added to the user's profile, allowing other users to click the image and access your Zmag.
- Full reader analytics - Through Zmags analytics you can track how many times a link was shared and how many additional readers you gained.

All of these features are available to Zmags users effective immediately, the next time they log in to their Zmags account.

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