70% of Women Ignored by Consumer Electronics Marketing

70 per cent of women feel ignored when new consumer electronic products are launched to the market, according to a survey commissioned by Memorex.

Memorex's market research found that the majority of women questioned felt that in-store and online marketing was focused on attracting male consumers, with some feedback stating that women found the electronics department of a store intimidating. This makes worrying reading for retailers, especially when further findings from the survey claim that women make 40 per cent of consumer electronic purchases.

To combat this trend, Memorex has announced the introduction of a new line of audio products designed and created by women, especially for women. The new Memorex product line includes clock radios, portable radios, karaoke systems and CD players made specifically to work in conjunction with the Apple iPod and iPhone.

The products incorporate stylish designs, drawing on the latest fashions and trends, and are suitable for use at home or outdoors.

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