Altair Semiconductor Integrates the TurboConcept LTE/WiMAX Solutions in its LTE FourGee Products

Altair Semiconductor has successfully integrated the TurboConcept LTE/WiMAX solutions in its LTE FourGee product line. Altair's FourGee-3100 LTE baseband processor integrates TurboConcepts' dual-mode turbo decoder core. Altair has now successfully integrated two successive turbo code IP core generations from TurboConcept, including the WiMAX-only Core in 2007 and the LTE/WiMAX dual-mode Core today.

The TurboConcept 4G dual-mode turbo decoder Core TC1700 implements both WiMAX (IEEE802.16d/e) and 3GPP-LTE (3GPP Release 8) convolutional turbo code specifications. It is an ideal solution for Base station or CPE receivers implementing both physical layers. The Core uses a unique architecture that reduces by 40 % the silicon area, when compared to two single-mode Cores, with no restrictions on the flexibility and features set.

Two throughput profiles are available, that cover respectively 100 or 200 Mbits/s decoded bit-rate. The Core includes the sub-block de-interleaving and CRC decoding functions, and allows switching between LTE and WiMAX mode dynamically, for each FEC block.

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