Truphone Adds 11 New Nokia Devices To Its Portfolio

Truphone has added 11 additional Nokia handsets to the list of devices compatible with Truphone and whose owners can now ring up big savings by taking advantage of Truphone's broad range of calling plans and services.

With the addition of the 11 new handsets, Truphone is now compatible on 26 Nokia devices. Of those, software for 14 of the Truphone-compatible devices can now be downloaded from Nokia's new Ovi store, with the software for 11 of the remaining 12 new devices to be added to the Ovi store soon.

In addition to the Ovi Store the Truphone application is also available for all 26 Nokia devices as an SMS over the air (OTA) download from the Truphone web site and will always parallel the applications available via the Ovi store. The Truphone Web site will also include applications for other Nokia devices not currently available via Ovi, as well as the other supported mobile platforms.

The new Truphone-enabled Nokia devices are: N96, N78, N85 (also VoIP enabled), N79 (also VoIP enabled), 5630 (also VoIP enabled), 5800, 5320, 6210, 6220, 6650, E63.

After downloading and installing the Truphone application to their handsets, Nokia device owners will be able to take advantage of two calling plan options:
Truphone Anywhere: Calls made when customers are connected to local wireless networks are handled as local calls and then passed on to the Truphone network, from where they are routed at Truphone's fantastic rates to landline and mobile phones worldwide. This service is intended for use in the user's home country as savings cannot be guaranteed abroad.
Truphone Wi-Fi calling: Calls made when customers are in accessible Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world, can be made for free to other Truphone users and at Truphone's fantastic rates to landline and mobile phones worldwide.

All of the new handsets are Truphone Anywhere capable, and in addition, three of the handsets, the N85, N79 and 5630, are also compatible with the original Truphone Wi-Fi calling service, hailing back to Truphone's origin as the first Mobile VoIP service available on Nokia N- and E-series devices.

This means that when customers are connected to a Wi-Fi network, a call to another Truphone customer is completely free and also means they can use a Nokia handset as an alternative, inexpensive roaming solution if they choose to only make calls when connected to a Wi-Fi network when abroad or anywhere.

With Truphone Anywhere, everyone can save money when making international calls. It's simple: International calls dialled on a Truphone Anywhere enabled handset are connected as local calls to the Truphone network, then routed to their destinations at Truphone's low rates. This means that for the price of local calls, which are often bundled in an operator's monthly package, customers can make calls to other Truphone users for free or to landlines and mobiles around the world for as little as 1.5p per minute.

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