2X Enhances Children’s IT Education Through Free Software Offer

2X Software has formed partnerships with four thin-client hardware producers: VXL Instruments, Computer Lab International, NCS Technologies and 10ZiG Technology. 2X Software has committed to provide free ThinClientServer licenses for these companies' thin-client products on sales to state-funded schools until October, 2009. This unique offer allows all 2X Thin Client Vendor Partners to provide schools with a low IT budget, an efficient and inexpensive solution to their server-based computing needs.

The 2X ThinClientServer allows the conversion of old outdated PCs to powerful thin clients and at the same time manages new energy and cost efficient thin clients added to their IT classrooms. This concept ends the fat client administration nightmare by enabling all users' connection settings to be efficiently managed from a central device. Additionally, administrators can use the ThinClientServer to restrict users' individual accessibility options; a critical asset for school network administrators managing students with varying security clearances.

Key features for the 2X ThinClientServer include the following:
• Conversion of existing PCs to thin clients
• Management of user connection settings by user, group or department
• Thin client vendor independence – centrally manage any thin client/PC
• Supports virtually all thin clients and computer hardware
• Limit users to Citrix or 2X published applications rather than allowing users complete desktop access
• Boot clients via PXE, Hard Disk, CDROM or USB
• Thin client shadowing and auto-login support.

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