i365 Launches the EVault Plug-n-Protect Appliance

i365 has announced the launch of EVault Plug-n-Protect technology, an all-in-one backup and recovery appliance designed for fast, economical, system and data protection.

The EVault Plug-n-Protect appliance consists of pre-configured hardware and storage, and a complete suite of software including EVault Software, EVault System Restore and EVault Real Time Protection. The EVault Plug-n-Protect appliance is an additional deployment option to complement the existing i365 software, SaaS, and outsourced managed service offerings that are trusted by over 22,000 customers worldwide.

The EVault Plug-n-Protect appliance brings enterprise-class backup and recovery technology to small and mid-size businesses in an easy to implement appliance, while also offering across the board standardisation for remote and branch offices within large enterprises. This equates to a significant time and cost savings around installation and vendor sourcing. Customers benefit from a single point of contact for their software, hardware and storage support. Additionally, as data grows and infrastructures become more complex, customers can easily and economically add backup storage capacity.

The EVault Plug-n-Protect appliance is powered by EVault data protection technology, which includes an arsenal of end-to-end performance optimisation features. The appliance hardware leverages Nexsan SATA storage systems known for reliability, availability and energy efficiency in a high density form factor. The EVault Plug-n-Protect appliance further extends customer value and benefits by offering:

Fast Installation - Simplifying Deployment and Management
1. Customers save up to two weeks of work during procurement, installation and configuration.
2. Consistent configuration at each location lessens the learning curve and minimises the possibility for human error.
3. A single contact for both hardware and software support eliminates confusion over who to call.

Economical for Today's Budgets - More Value at a Lower Cost
1. Each appliance model comes with a complete suite of EVault Software - including the EVault Director, a generous number of Agents and Plug-ins, and Central Control - EVault System Restore, and in some models, EVault Real Time Protection.
2. Delta processing and backend deduplication is included.
3. A year or more of hardware and software support is included.

One Complete Solution for System and Data Protection
1. Comprehensive protection of a customer's specific heterogeneous environment.
2. Customers get both data recovery and full system restore together.
3. Customers can easily add up-to-the-minute protection for mission-critical systems.

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