Airvana, ip.access and Ubiquisys Align in Support of Femto Forum Femtocell Applications Efforts

Airvana, ip.access and Ubiquisys have pledged to support the Services Special Interest Group (SIG) recently formed by the Femto Forum by working together towards a common service framework and application program interfaces (APIs). The Services SIG's mission is to develop a framework to simplify the development and deployment of femtocell applications, which includes efforts to establish a set of standard APIs. As widely recognised supporters of a femtozone applications development environment based on open standards, Airvana, ip.access and Ubiquisys have already begun working together to advance the goals of the Services SIG.

Femtocells sit at the intersection of multiple networks including mobile, Internet, home and office - all of which are fundamental to people's lives. The intelligence within the femtocell, for example presence and digital content visibility, can be used by application logic residing in any of these networks. The SIG's work will help the industry establish a framework that encompasses all of these options and establish a common approach.

Several unique attributes of femtocell technology make the devices highly suited for supporting an interesting array of applications. First, they change the economics of mobile data by providing massive bandwidth indoors to mobile devices at very low cost. Second, femtocells make sophisticated presence-based applications simple for not only users of cutting edge smart phones but also everyday legacy feature phones. And finally they make it easy for people to share their digital content across various previously isolated networks.

An open development environment based on freely accessible, standard APIs is critical to drive developer interest and create greater opportunities for the widespread adoption of femtozone applications. Airvana, ip.access, and Ubiquisys are dedicated to ensuring that application developers have access to this type of open framework and invite developers and other industry vendors to support this effort.

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