Pulsic Launches Unity 2009.1

Pulsic Limited announces the immediate availability of the latest release of their physical chip design software suite, Unity 2009.1. Running on OpenAccess, Unity 2009.1 improves dataflow management with a common options format that will run across all projects. This enables design teams to ensure compatibility and improves design set up times.

Additionally, Unity 2009.1 features a new bus routing option, "flow-routing". With flow-routing, a bus will automatically route (flow) around obstacles by splitting and re-grouping. Tolerances can be set for obstacle size to optimise layout area.

UniRoute is part of Pulsic's flagship product Unity, a complete custom design automation solution for the physical design of high volume ICs. Unity combines three other key components - UniPlan (hierarchical floorplanning), UniPlace (placement) and UniEdit (editing)- with timing, signal integrity, ECO and DFM functionality to provide a truly unique design environment.

Unity has been designed to increase productivity, decrease design area and increase yield for even the most challenging custom digital, mixed-signal and analog IC designs.

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