Hibernia Atlantic Has Direct Access on 'LINX From Anywhere'

Hibernia Atlantic and LINX have announced that Hibernia Atlantic has direct access on the 'LINX From Anywhere' program. 'LINX From Anywhere' is designed to help networks connect to LINX without having to pay for and arrange a physical presence in London. The service provides Hibernia's North American customers with access to LINX enabling them to join the association and peer with the existing 330 global members without the need for additional equipment, space or power.

As one of the layer 2 carriers selected by LINX to participate in the 'LINX From Anywhere' program, Hibernia Atlantic offers available (POS) Packet over Sonet Ethernet ports for its secure transport services to LINX members in London. LINX members, including global and UK ISPs and content delivery network providers, can now quickly connect to Hibernia for secure and fast access to North America. Hibernia Atlantic's diverse footprint avoids traditionally congested routes, like the waterways around London and New York, and instead provides a more northern route across the Atlantic directly connecting the UK to Canada and then south to the US. This unique, physical diversity is necessary for companies carrying critical communications, such as content delivery networks and service providers, who rely on secure and fast connections, for high quality of network service.

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