Momail Tweets into Summer

Momail has launched Twitter support for its mobile email. A user can now post to Twitter without having to connect to the internet, and without having to download or install special software in their mobile. Posting to Twitter is simpler, faster and cheaper when it is managed via simple email from your mobile phone.

In addition to basic Tweets, you can also now post pictures to Twitter with Momail. Just attach the picture to a Momail email, and send. Your "Tweet" and picture is posted for all to see.

How it works

After connecting your Momail and Twitter accounts:
Write an e-mail to
In the body of the mail, write your message (Tweet), max 140 characters.
Send and your Twitter account is updated immediately.
If you want to add a photo or a video, just attach it to the mail.

Similarly, obtaining the most recent Tweet's (last 20) posted by your Twitter contacts may also be done using simple emails and without having to connect to Internet or login:
Send a mail to
In the subject line write "friends".
Send and in seconds you will receive a mail back with the most recent Tweets from your contacts.

Leveraging Momail's ID-Relay technology, users need to activate their Twitter account via Momail just once. Thereafter, the account will be automatically authenticated, using the user's phone number (MSISDN), each time the user sends an email to his or her Twitter account. As with all Momail services, no user information (login and password) is stored on the mobile and all information sent is encrypted. If a user's mobile is lost, all services including mobile email can easily be disconnected via a simple deactivate function at the users Momail account on the web. The Momail ID-Relay eliminates the need to ever again have to remember your credentials and the fear of they end up in the wrong hands.

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