Clavister Rolls Out its Security Gateway 4300 Series

Clavister has announced the launch of the Clavister Security Gateway 4300 Series, a UTM security solution capable of handling a large number of connections with super fast throughput.

Based on the same technology found in all Clavister products, the Clavister Security Gateway 4300 Series has been designed to maximize high performance of plaintext and encrypted traffic. The Clavister SG4300 Series is a set of ready-to-use, hardware-based, security products designed for medium and large enterprises and data centers that require high performance and scalability coupled with first-class UTM services.

The new Clavister Security Gateway 4300 Series offers a wide range of functionality including:
High performance UTM package Unparalleled UTM Gigabit performance in a single 1U 19" rack-mountable unit. With support for up to 7Gbps plaintext throughput and 2.5Gbps VPN throughput, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) and web content filtering.
Built-in high-speed VPN connectivity The powerful built-in VPN connectivity delivers up to 10,000 simultaneous VPN tunnels and 2.5Gbps VPN throughput which supports hosted VPN services.
Easy to upgrade The entry-level Clavister Security Gateway 4300 Series delivers Gigabit plaintext performance and 256,000 concurrent connections, but if more is needed, the Clavister SG4300 Series is easy to upgrade from entry level to anything up to a high-speed central Data Center model.

The Clavister SG4300 Series is fully supported by the new centralized management system, Clavister InControl.

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