Meru Introduces First WLAN Management Application for iPhone

E(z)RF OnTheGo, the first wireless LAN management application available on a smartphone, has been introduced by Meru Networks for the Apple iPhone. Network administrators for the first time can work untethered from their desktop consoles, gaining the power to view customized dashboards, receive high-priority alerts, and do anywhere/anytime management from an iPhone over a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

E(z)RF OnTheGo brings the comprehensive WLAN data from E(z)RF Network Manager 2.0 to dashboards formatted specially for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Network administrators can access customized views of management data (e.g., network load, density, client counts, connection status) and receive notifications of high-priority events (e.g., user connectivity problems). They can then initiate immediate, context-aware network actions (e.g., notify the Network Operations Center to restart a RADIUS server) without having to return to their desks.

As a browser-based application, E(z)RF OnTheGo does not require users to download any software into their iPhones.

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